Daria Vorobyeva is a Russian photo artist based in Moscow. She was born in 1994. In 2015, during her study at the Faculty of biology, started research on the topic of atherosclerosis, wich together with biological education added  the symbolism of corporeality to her works. Technical experiments were often done on Daria's own blood, which were the acts of sacrifice and self-destruction, but also - of self-discovery.

In 2018, after traumatizing events Daria started her psychotherapy which included trauma related work and processing of anxiety and fear. This gave rise to her interest to psychology, especially irrational and subconscious.

Psychological topics of her photography include abandonment, trauma, destruction and self-destruction, fear, and the hidden parts (shadow) of personality. One of Daria's latest projects (both as an artist and as a curator), "Sometimes I'm scared of disappearance", is dedicated to the problem of panic attacs and their connection to existential fears. One of the goals of this project is to help people with increased anxiety and connected psychological conditions.


2012-2018 - Faculty of biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia).
2018 - Intensive course on art business, Synergy Art Academy (Moscow, Russia).
2019 - Intensive course "Introduction to history of arts", Higher School of Design (Moscow, Russia).

2019 - Intensive course "Contemporary art", Higher School of Design (Moscow, Russia).

2019 - Intensive course "Contemporary cultural process", Higher School of Design (Moscow, Russia).

2019 (September - present time) - Intensive  course "PR in contemporary art", Sreda Obuchenia School (Moscow, Russia).

2019 (September - present time) - Intensive  course "Art&Science", Sreda Obuchenia School (Moscow, Russia).
2019 (September - present time) - I
ntensive  course "Map of contemporary Russian art", Sreda Obuchenia School (Moscow, Russia).

2019 (October - present time) - Program "Experiences of contemporary photography", Docdocdoc School (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

2019 (October - present time) - Intensive course "Texts", Svetlana Lobanova School (Moscow, Russia).


2019 - International Photography Awards, honorable mention.

2018 - International Photography Awards, honorable mention.

2018 - New York Center for Photographic Art Awards ("Black and White"), honorable mention.


2019 - Top 100 young Russian artists (InArt.ru).

Rating (in Russian):

Forbes about the rating (in Russian):


2019 - Haiweinet.cn about "La France et la Chine" exhibition (in Chinese):


2019 - Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.
2019 - Annual catalogue of gallery Art Espaces for year 2018.


Since 2018 - Gallery Art Espaces (Brussels, Belgium).

Since 2018 - Creative Artists Union of Russia (Moscow, Russia).

Group exhibitions

December 2019 - January 2020 - "Assemblage points" exhibition, Parallel program of the 8th Moscow international biennale of contemporary art, Young Russian Artists community, Na Peschanoy gallery (Moscow, Russia).

2019 - “TemperatYRA!_1.0" pop-up exhibition, parallel program of the Microbiennale of horizontal initiatives, Young Russian Artists community (Moscow, Russia).
2019 - "La France et la Chine" exhibition, Espace Barbizon (France):

https://m.haiwainet.cn/middle/3543306/2019/0927/content_31636830_1.html?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0 (In Chinese)
2019 - “Sometimes I’m Scared of Disappearance”, Dordor gallery (Moscow, Russia).
2019 - “Flower Power” exhibition, Art Espaces gallery, The Burganov House museum (Moscow, Russia, May 2019, The Night of museums); gallery Art Espaces (Brussels, Belgium, October 2019); Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France, October 2019).
2019 - “China and Western Art Exchange Show” (Shenzhen, China).


Art fairs

2019 - Tokyo International Art Fair (Tokyo, Japan).
2019 - Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France).
2019 - Hong Kong City Art Fair (Hong Kong, China).
2018 - Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France).